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Friday, December 23, 2005

Just like a grown man

Qolby dah berasa gede kayanya, dah berasa bukan bayi lagi neh,

dah pengen sekolah,

dah pengen kerja,

dah pengen macem2 deh.....

Little Cute Qolby is not a baby anymore.....He understand what people say and what they want from him. My baby is growing up....Jadi anak sholeh ya Sayang....MomPop Love you so very much, and we both very grateful that Allah SWT gives us a change to be your guardian in this world. May Allah SWT gives us the strength, the knowledge to educate this little hero of ours to be a shaleh useful person to himself & the society.Amien...Amien Ya Robbal Alamin.....


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