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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Pembubaran Panitia O - TaKa

Once upon a time after my Mom & Dad got married (that's before I was even conceived of course), NeMa said that there will be a wedding committee dismissal for both member of the family (d'Ediyonos & d'Effendys), but since NeWa was sick and had to be treated in hospital, then the dismissal's postponed until further notice, which turned out to be never......Forgotten....Eaten by time....and so on.... :D

Learning from experience, a week after TaKa's wedding, NeMa arranged a wedding committee dismissal even without O & TaKa's presence (coz they're both still in Bandung).

The event took place at Paregu Restaurant, Kebon Jeruk by highway's side.

Just like any other event involving both family (Abah's side and Nema's side), it went merrily, with all the eating, drinking, laughing, talking, singing and dancing....
Here are some pictures of the event....Too bad O & TaKa didn't got to enjoy it. Kuaciaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnn d kamu..... :p

Oom Aslam, K, Mom, CaCink, Oom Anu, Oma Uke, Auntie, TaTa, TaNya, OmMas
Ne'Reni, Te Eka, Oma A'at, Oom Hagi, Te Ica, Ummi Suri, Te Eci & Te Avi
Oom Aslam (again), Abah, Opa Herman, Babow....
TaNya, TaTa, CaCink, Oom Anu, Oma Uke (ketutupan) Auntie


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