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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Spesialis Anak Konsultan Syaraf

Today K seems to feel better....First we, the BIG Family of " Tjokrodimoeljo" had lunch at Coca Suki Wisma BRI-2.Sushi
K seemed to have a lot of fun although not as active as usual, but better than the day before.

In the afternoon K, Mom, Pop, Abah n Nema went to RSIA Hermina Jatinegara to have K' head examined.

Prof Dr Taslim said that there's nothing wrong with K's nerve. In fact K's reflect and activeness is sooooo good. The Dr felt surprised coz K being only 6 months and all had able to sit straight up by himself.
So he said K's perfectly fine by nerves. For babies the bump may last for almost 2 weeks to heal. but he'll be fine.

Well......that's a major relief..........
What A Relief


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