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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Four Months

Four-month old already...K has able to pick up n choose his own toy....If you put some toys in front of him then he'll choose which one he likes n play with it.

Exactly at Feb 16, 2005 K had started to eat food beside breast milk, such as fruit (bananas Baby Bottle & oranges Orange) and biscuit (marie regal) Cereal with breast milk, coz Mommie's breast milk's not enough anymore for K, K need more than Mom could supply, so there's nothing that Mom could do than to gave up on the situation. Forgive me Honey for not being able to supply for your demands :(

The schedule given by the Doctor:
06.00 breast milk
08.00 fruit Bunch Of Bananas + Orange 2
10.00 breast milk
12.00 biscuit + breast milk
14.00 breast milk
16.00 fruit Bunch Of Bananas + Orange 2
18.00 breast milk

Alhamdulillah K has no problem what so ever in eating all the new stuff, Messy Eater in fact K enjoy it so much.....Clever sholeh Boy...Alhamdulillah...Thank you Allah.....


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