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Saturday, October 16, 2004

The Day of My Birth

Pregnant Smiley Baby
Oeeekkk...oeekkk...oeekkkkkk.....exactly at 05.27 pm that sounds broke the silent of the delivery room. Pop, Nema, Abah, TaKa, Tathil, OmMas n Oom Novi whose waiting outside could hear it loud and clear. The sign of a new member of the family comes alive, healthy n perfectly build, not ready to be taken out of mommy's womb and face the world with all its problems.

It's A Smiley!
The Doctor lifted me up high so Mom could see me, then the nurse cleaned me up and brought me to Pop whose waiting outside to whisper the name of Mighty God Allah SWT, the one and only. He took me in his big arms and whisper Adzan and Qomat in my ears. Then the nurse took me away again to the baby room where I'd wait until Mom was cleaned up and ready for me.

It's almost 09.00 pm when I met Mom for the second time. So this is my Mom, the person whose carrying me around for almost 10 months. Pop put me beside Mom and I cuddled comfortly in her arm.
Mom And Baby



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